Make a subject access request

Make a request for school records

Access to School Records  

If you are looking to access either your own or your child’s school record, please write to your school’s head teacher to make the request. What is included in this is:   

  • general education records  
  • school reports  
  • attainment information  

They will arrange for you to visit and see the records. You must be shown the record within 15 days if you are a parent, or 40 days if you are a pupil. You must be given a copy of the record if you ask for it in writing.  

  • Nurseries
  • ASN schools  
  • Primary schools  
  • Secondary schools  

If you are looking to access any other information about you or your child's education, you will need to make a subject access request. This includes:  

  • pastoral notes
  • Coordinated Support Plans  
  •  Individual Educational Plans  
  •  information about Additional Support Needs 

We always want to make sure that we are communicating with you in the way that you want. Please let us know if you wish for us to correspond with you either by letter, by email or by telephone.

Freedom of information team

Telephone: 0131 200 2340