Records management arrangements

Our records detail the Council's actions in providing services and making decisions. They show you how we have done things and why we did them.

How the Council manages its records is detailed in a joint Records Management Plan (RMP) with the City of Edinburgh Licensing Board.The plan also includes our commitments to improving that management in the years to come.

Download the records management plan (PDF - 1.74 MB)

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Record retention schedule

Council has rules that determine how long we need to keep records for all the functions we perform for you, from adoptions to waste collection. This list is called a record retention schedule.

Download the records retention schedule (XLSX - 189.76 KB)

Some of the rules are specific to a single Council service area, others are common across the whole Council. The schedule is routinely reviewed and updated when needed.


Some Council records have historical value once they are no longer needed for providing a service. These are not destroyed according to the Council's record retention schedule. Instead they are preserved within Edinburgh City Archives.