Corporate parenting

Corporate parenting refers to our responsibility to look after care experienced young people.

Children and young people can become involved in the care system in various ways. This includes those who live

  • at home but need to go to children's hearings
  • with a family friend or relative rather than their birth parents (kinship care)
  • with foster carers
  • in a residential home with other young people who are in care.

Some young people are 'cared for' for a long time, and others for a short time. They can all be described as having 'care experience'.

The Scottish Government described a good corporate parent as one that 'will want the best outcomes for their looked after children, accept responsibility for them, and make their needs a priority.' In 2014 they passed a law that assigned this responsibility to certain organisations. This includes all staff working for local councils, education, police and many more. These organisations must write and publish a plan to show how they will be the best corporate parents they can be.

Corporate Parenting Plan 2023 to 2026

Edinburgh Champions Board

The board works with young people to get their views about the care system and make positive changes. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Champions Board, you can follow our Twitter feed @EdinburghChamps

If you have care experience and want to get involved in any way, get in touch


We are all corporate parents

Watch our video to find out more about corporate parenting and how our young people have been supported by corporate parents in Edinburgh.

Corporate Parenting Annual Report 2022-23

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