Edinburgh's Licensing Board

Edinburgh's Licensing Board is responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol to the public and certain gambling activities, by issuing alcohol licences and betting and gambling permits.

Consultation on Statement of Licensing Policy  

The Board has carried out an initial consultation to assist its preparation of a new statement of licensing policy.  The Board has held meetings with consultees and is working towards preparing a new draft policy.  The Board is currently carrying out a further consultation on its new draft policy statement. Detailed responses can be sent to nicholas.fraser@edinburgh.gov.uk  and the consultation closes on 12 November 2023.

Licensing Board members

  • Councillor Louise Young (Convener)
  • Councillor Jason Rust (Vice Convener)
  • Councillor Pauline Flannery
  • Councillor Margaret Graham
  • Councillor Lezley Marion Cameron
  • Councillor Chas Booth
  • Councillor Norman Work
  • Councillor Catherine Fullerton
  • Councillor David Key

View recent Licensing Board meeting papers 

Download the Licensing Board rules and meeting dates (PDF, 70KB)
Download  details of what to expect at a Licensing Board meeting (PDF, 285KB)

Financial statements

Download the Edinburgh Licensing Board's annual financial statements (PDF, 297KB)

Alcohol and gambling policies

Download the gambling policy and related documents (PDFs)
Download the alcohol licensing policy (PDF, 8MB) 

Equalities policy and outcomes

Download the equalities policy outcomes (PDF, 161KB)
Download the equalities policy 2018 (PDF, 282KB)

Freedom of information

Download freedom of Information publication scheme 2018 (PDF, 208 KB)

Annual functions reports

Download annual reports on the board's functions (PDF, 108KB)

Privacy notice

Download the privacy notice (PDF, 196KB)