Improving Edinburgh neighbourhoods

MTIS pilot repair plan and schedule

Phase 1: 59-83 Murrayburn Park

Start date: Late summer 2021

Construction complete: May 2022

Phase 2: 13-45 Dumbryden Gardens

Start date: Winter 2021

Construction complete: Summer 2022

Phase 3: 1-15 Murrayburn Green, 1-2 Murrayburn Gardens, 30-57 Murrayburn Park

Start date: Spring 2022

Construction complete: Autumn 2022

Phase 4: 46-74 Dumbryden Gardens

Start date: Spring 2022

Construction complete: Autumn 2022

Disruption during repairs 

There will be some disruption during repairs. This will include

  • noise and traffic
  • occasions when the contractors may need access to your property, for example, to gain access to the attic space or to carry out works for ventilation and gas services.

There will be no disruption to

  • water and power supplies
  • your TV service. All satellite dishes will be taken down and repositioned on the scaffolding for the duration of the works then returned to their original positions afterwards.

Both tenants and owners should inform your insurance company when construction begins on your block and let them know that there will be scaffolding around your property.

The Council’s Building Control department will make sure that ample fire protection is in place throughout the project. Our team is dedicated to ensuring high quality repairs for the blocks we work on, and we hold our contractors to strict safety standards and are installing the highest fire rated/non-combustible EWI (external wall insulation) system.

The construction team will comply with government COVID guidelines and we will do all that we can to protect residents and the workforce. We will update residents and owners as these guidelines change. 

The contractors will keep you informed of any disruption, their working hours and whom to contact with questions or complaints.