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Where to get help and advice about funding your share of the work

MTIS will send owners an invoice for your share of the work once complete. This will usually be within three months. Depending on your personal circumstances, owners may be eligible for grant funding towards the cost of some of the work, which we will arrange on your behalf. Your case officer can explain the options available to you from the Council, including referring you to the Debt Recovery or Acquisitions and Disposals teams, but we cannot provide financial advice. You must seek your own financial advice from your bank, a financial advisor or organisation.

Other options include:

  • Using savings or other assets
  • Seeking financial advice before taking out a loan
  • The Council’s policy under ‘Acquisitions and Disposal’ for an option to sell back to the Council

If you think you will struggle to pay for your share of the work, you need to get impartial financial advice as soon as possible. The Council is unable to provide financial advice directly, however, we have listed agencies below that may be able to provide guidance for owners. 

Citizens Advice Scotland - Scotland’s largest independent advice network

0131 550 1000.

Scottish Welfare Fund Team – Helping families in Scotland on low incomes

0131 529 5299.

 Age UK – Supporting older people in the UK

0333 323 2400.

Care and Repair Scotland – Enabling older and disabled people to stay in their homes

0141 221 9879.

Ithrive – helping people find mental health and wellbeing services.

Get the worrying about money guide to find out about how to get advice and help with money matters.