Antisocial behaviour

You and your neighbours

It is important to us that our tenants live in a pleasant and safe environment. Being a good neighbour means understanding and respecting the different lifestyles of others. Everyone has a right to enjoy life in their own way, provided they do not upset other people living near them. 

Antisocial behaviour is any behaviour that causes, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress to others.

The conditions of your Tenancy Agreement along with the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 provide a range of enforcement methods the Council can use to manage antisocial behaviour. These range from issuing Warnings and Notices to applying to the Court for an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) or taking court action for eviction.

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) covers a range of issues such as

  • Threatening or abusive behaviour
  • Noise
  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • drunken behaviour
  • drug dealing or cultivation
  • party flats.

Report antisocial behaviour

North East locality office

Call 0131 529 7168 or email

North West locality office

Call 0131 529 5014 or email

South East locality office

Call 0131 529 5123 or email

South West locality office

Call 0131 469 5150 or email

Report antisocial behaviour

If you or someone's life or health is in danger call 999 For Night Noise call 101