Support for learning at home

Unexpected school closures can interrupt learning. We are working on activities to help families continue learning at home should this happen. These activities will support learners in early years settings, primary and secondary schools.  

Early years

Play and learn at home - early years

To support your child’s play and learning at home we have 5 packs each based on a well-known storybook to choose from. For each story there is a learning mat describing a range of experiences and activities that you can do with your child and guidance to support parents and carers as well. 

Learning grids - primary and early secondary

These grids provide activities to support learning.  Each grid contains 15 activities, with a particular focus on numeracy, literacy, and health and wellbeing.

BBC Bitesize - upper secondary

BBC Bitesize is a free online study support resource designed to help with learning.  It provides support for learners across a wide range of school subjects.  Click on the relevant level below and then select a subject.

Digital resources

The guide below contains links to a wide range of digital content, skills development and suggested activities that learners can undertake independently, using their Empowered Learning iPads.