Care and support at home

Personal care at home

Care in your home can be of help with

  • washing and dressing
  • preparing meals and eating
  • going to the toilet
  • remembering to take or taking medication
  • getting up and going to bed.

If you're over 16, have a disability and need some care and support at home, we will assess your needs and provide a service if you meet the agreed criteria.  Contact Social Care Direct to ask us for advice or to assess your needs.

If we can offer you a service, a personal care plan will be agreed with you. This sets out the help you need. We may provide the service ourselves or a registered home care provider may do this. You should contact Social Care Direct to reassess your care if your needs change.

You will get free personal care if you are aged 65 or over. You may have to pay for some help you get, like shopping and housework. Find out about paying for care in your home.

Short term support

Many people need short term, intensive support at home so they can regain their independence after an illness or a stay in hospital. This short term care at home is provided by our Reablement Service for up to six weeks.  

We will review the help you get and assess future needs. If you need help after six weeks this can be arranged. If you are assessed as having ongoing support needs after this time, we will continue to help you.


You are a carer if you look after someone who has a disability or who needs help with any of the tasks above. You may want to find out about support and advise we can give carers.