Get care and support

How we assess your needs

Who can get care and support

We assess a person’s needs to decide if we can offer care and support. We have to give priority to people who are at most risk.

We use eligibility criteria. These let us work out how serious the risk is of you losing your independence if your needs are not met.

We will discuss what support you need if your safety and independence are at high risk. For example, you may be unable to carry out essential personal care tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

Where the risk is lower, we will give you information and advice. This will be the case if you are having some difficulties but can manage most aspects of daily living.

We will arrange to discuss your needs with you.

How we use your personal information

You can download a copy of our privacy notice below. This notice will tell you how we will use your personal information. It may also be used by the NHS or other care providers who support you.

The notice also has guidance for other people who help you, such as your family, the people you live with, carers and close friends.

If you would like a paper copy of the privacy notice, you can ask the person who contacts you, or contact them later.