Ask Social Care Direct for advice

Refer a child to Social Care Direct

If you think that a child needs immediate protection you must call Children and Families Social Work on

0131 200 2327

Make a referral online

You can use this form if you want to contact Social Care Direct for a child.  There are three options in this form

1. Report a concern 

Complete the form if you think a child maybe at risk

2. Request a specific service or team

  • Early Years Centre
  • Occupational Therapy Team
  • Social Work Team
  • Disability Team or Respite
  • Request for finance

To make a request for finance call Scottish Welfare Fund on

0131 529 5299

If you have already spoken to the Scottish Welfare Fund and they can't help, you need the name of the person that you spoke with to complete the form.

3. Ask a question

If your request does not fit into one of the other categories or you just want to ask a question

Apply as a parent or carer

Apply as a family, a friend or anonymously

Apply as a professional

Benefits advice

For advice on benefits contact the Advice Shop

0131 200 2360

Free school transport

Find out how to apply for free school transport.

Fostering and adoption

Find out more about fostering and adoption.