Our Business Plan priorities

Ending poverty by 2030. Becoming a sustainable and net zero city. Wellbeing and equalities.

Both Covid-19 and budget pressures mean we need to look again at how we deliver services. Over the coming years, we’ll focus on three priorities:

  1. ending poverty and preventing adverse outcomes such as homelessness and unemployment
  2. becoming a net zero city 
  3. ensuring wellbeing and equalities are enhanced for all

These are ambitious targets and to meet them we need to do more than simply strive to return Edinburgh to where it was before the pandemic; we must take on board the lessons we’ve learned and build back better.

We have set our 15 Outcomes and actions to help us deliver our priorities.

Ending poverty

1. On track to end poverty in Edinburgh by 2030 by meeting the targets set by the Edinburgh Poverty Commission

2. On track to deliver new prevention service models

3. More residents experience fair work and receive the living wage

4. Intervene before the point of crisis to prevent homelessness

5. Ongoing delivery of our 20,000 affordable homes programme

6. Increasing attainment for all and reducing the poverty-related attainment gap

7. Edinburgh’s economy recovers from recession and supports businesses to thrive


8. People can access the support they need in the place they live and work

9. Improved safety and wellbeing for vulnerable citizens

10. Core services are maintained or improved

11. Make better use of the Council estate and resources to meet our strategic priorities


12. On track to deliver our 2030 net zero target

13. Citizens are engaged and empowered to respond to the climate emergency

14. Develop key strategic sites and project to meet the needs of a diverse and growing city

15. The city has a well-connected and sustainable transport and active travel network

You will read more about each of the Outcomes in the following pages:

  • Our Future Council
  • Wellbeing
  • Prevention
  • Sustainability
  • 20-minute neighbourhood
  • Key information on restrictions

Working with our partners

The Business Plan is just one part of a golden thread that links and guides our operations, through to the shared goals and commitments of the Edinburgh Partnership (a city-wide partnership between the Public and Third Sectors). 

By working together, we can achieve our long term ambitions for Edinburgh to be a fair, welcoming, pioneering, and thriving city, as expressed by the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision.

These priorities represent a core focus for all our teams over the next phase of the city’s development and for the way we’ll reform our services.

We’ll achieve this by:

  • promoting fairness and tackling inequality
  • building affordable and sustainable homes
  • creating safe and welcoming communities
  • developing a ’20-minute neighbourhood’ network where public transport and active travel are the best options for getting around
  • investing in new, modern schools and early years facilities for our children and young people
  • listening to and empowering our local communities
  • creating a strong and positive culture for our colleagues 

This business plan marks an exciting new opportunity for us, one that will make sure we’re shaping the future and the responding positively to its challenges.