Report work without planning permission

Report a possible breach of planning control

Search for planning applications, appeals and enforcements to check for planning permission.

Some minor building operations are called ‘permitted development’ – the planning authority cannot intervene in such cases. Read more information on householder permitted development.

If you are satisfied that the operations in question are unauthorised and within the remit of planning enforcement, then you can report a suspect breach of planning control.

Report a suspect breach of planning control

Download our short stay commercial visitor accommodation chart if your enquiry relates to an alleged short term let, which you believe does not have planning permission.

You can also write to us to report a breach of planning control if you provide

  • your name
  • your email
  • your address
  • details of the alleged breach
  • where and when the breach occurred.

Please note that anonymous complaints, which don’t provide any contact information, will not be accepted.

We will contact you within five days to acknowledge your enquiry. A planning officer will visit the site and provide an update within 20 working days.

We are not obliged to take any action, and, in some cases, we may decide that no action is necessary. However, where a breach has occurred and we are acting, we will usually try to resolve the matter through negotiation, rather than immediate statutory action. Find out how we resolve cases informally, as well as our formal powers.


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