Roadworks and travel disruption

Roadworks and road closures

As the local Roads Authority, The City of Edinburgh Council have a statutory duty to co-ordinate all works on the public road network.  We must use our best endeavours to ensure that works are carried out safely, with the minimum disruption to road users, and that the structure of the road is protected.

This duty is overseen by the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, who is appointed by the Scottish Government. The Commissioner is the Keeper of the Scottish Road Works Register, which lists all road works in Scotland. The Roadworks Scotland website shows all programmed and emergency works undertaken by, or on behalf of utility companies, construction companies and the local authority.

The City of Edinburgh Council’s travel news team - Edintravel – produce a separate report which lists the medium-to-high impact current and future roadworks and major events in Edinburgh. A revised list is published most weekday afternoons. More frequent updates are posted on the Edintravel Twitter feed during the week. 

Download Edintravel roadworks and events lists or other key road closure documents.

Follow Edintravel on Twitter and Threads for real-time updates on traffic and travel delays, Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm. Find Edintravel on Facebook 

Traffic Scotland provides updates about trunk roads, including motorways and the City Bypass.

Report a problem with a pavement or road

Public utility works

In general, Public Utility companies such as gas, water, electricity and telecommunications are responsible for digging holes in the road to maintain their apparatus or installing new assets. As the local Roads Authority we repair or replace the road or footway surface and other Council-maintained assets.

Public Utility companies are legally required to display a sign at their works indicating their name and their 24 hour contact telephone number.

Comments, queries and complaints about roadworks should be directed to the undertaker of the appropriate work in the first instance.

Major local authority projects

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