Paths for Everyone

Our paths are for everyone

The coronavirus pandemic means more of us are out enjoying the city’s network of off-road paths as part of our daily exercise.

Exercise is so important for our health and wellbeing so we want everyone to be able to enjoy it in safety and comfort.

As well as always following government advice on physical distancing, please look out for each other, be considerate and slow down.


  • Keep 2m apart
  • Stay local
  • Walk, run or cycle alone or with members of your household
  • Choose somewhere quieter or with wider paths, if you can
  • Early evening or early morning (during traditional rush hours) tend to be quieter
  • Wash your hands when you get home

We’re working closely with the Scottish Government and Sustrans to make changes to our roads to help create more space for people walking, running or cycling, so you can travel safely while keeping physically distant from each other. Find out more about what we're doing now and our future proposals.

Guidance from Sustrans on walking and cycling during the coronavirus outbreak.

Guidance from British Cycling

Riding a bike is a great way to aid your physical and mental health. Provided you follow the advice on physical distancing and good hygiene, it’s important to remain active when you can.

Now, more than ever, we must ride our bikes responsibly - that means only going out on our own, or with people we live with. Also, please keep two metres apart from anyone you meet and stop and wait for people to pass when necessary.

Please only ride on routes you know well, that are close to home and that are well within your ability level. This is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself. Find a route near you.

If you’re riding off-road, choose wider trails wherever possible. If you’re on a narrow path, make sure to leave enough space between yourself and anyone you might meet.

You can also use your bike to shop for basic necessities, provide care or help somebody vulnerable, and travel to/from essential work.

Paths for everyone code of conduct

Our code of conduct applies whenever you’re walking, cycling or running around the city – not just during the coronavirus pandemic.

Download code of conduct for off-road paths (PDF - 110.75 KB)

We ask everyone to

  • Consider other path users and give people space
  • Slow down, respect others and give pedestrians priority
  • Stay alert, especially if using headphones or your phone
  • Don't assume everyone can see or hear you
  • Keep left if possible and pass on the right
  • Don't leave your rubbish behind.


  • use your bell to let people know you are there well in advance, especially at blind corners
  • give others space
  • don't pass at speed
  • at night - avoid dazzling others with your lights:  dip, dim, don't strobe.

Walkers and runners 

  • listen for cyclists' bells
  • allow cyclists to pass
  • at night, think about whether you are visible to others.

Dog walkers

  • keep dogs on a short lead or close to heel
  • clean up after your dog
  • at night, use a reflective collar or coat on your dog.