Be Bright Be Seen

The 'Be Bright Be Seen' campaign is run by the Streets Ahead road safety partnership. 

Look out for bikes. Cyclists can be hard to see in the dark, Look out for each other

  • be aware of other road users - their ability to see you may be reduced

  • look out for each other when using the road space we share

  • make sure you can be seen by other road users

When walking:

  • make sure you can be seen - use reflective or bright accessories

  • use safe crossing points

When using a bicycle on roads:

  • it's the law to use front and rear lights and reflectors

  • we encourage you to use high visibility accessories 

  • remember that cycling is not allowed on pavements, unless blue circular shared use signs are displayed.

When driving:

  • look out for all road users

  • obey speed limits, take note of 20mph speed limits

  • give plenty of space to cyclists

  • make sure all your lights are working

  • clear windscreen and windows before starting your journey