Our 20-minute neighbourhood approach

Dalry town centre

Photo of Dalry Road with Mia's and Locando di Gusto restaurants

With its independent shops and restaurants, schools and community services, Dalry town centre has many of the ingredients to make a more successful 20-minute neighbourhood.

This project aims to use these ingredients and develop the area into a thriving place that is healthier, greener and safer for everyone. We are initially focusing on Dalry and local schools, before looking at Gorgie in more detail in the future.

We have organised workshops with pupils of the local schools and engaged with a wide range of community groups.

We conducted a survey to help us understand local needs, opportunities, and any barriers that limit people making more active, greener travel choices.

What you have told us so far

We have been listening to your feedback and the main things you would like to see changed are

  • wider and better quality pavements, especially at busy bus stops and around local shops
  • more and safer pedestrian crossings, with shorter waiting times
  • safer and more attractive access to the schools. Some people liked the idea of street art
  • more pleasant, greener streets and public spaces with more places to stop and rest, such as beside the Co-op and near Lidl. The link to Fountainbridge via the Telfer Subway could also be improved
  • safer cycle provision along Dalry Road and Gorgie Road, and secure cycle storage
  • the area should be less dominated by cars, but easy access needs to be retained for people with mobility issues and for deliveries to the shops and local businesses
  • maintenance could be improved with better road surfaces and more lighting. Several comments related to providing public toilets and bins
  • some of you think the area is fine as it is, and Council resources should be focused elsewhere
  • some of you raised concerns that this project might limit freedom of movement for local people. This project is about making it easier for you to access facilities and services by walking, wheeling, cycling or using public transport and will not restrict you or anyone else from getting to or from any other part of the city.

We have also received comments from residents about issues such as trip hazards, dog fouling and overflowing bins. You can report these using the Council’s dedicated Report it service. 

We will use your comments to develop proposals to improve the area and there will be other opportunities to comment as we develop the proposals.

We are always interested in hearing your suggestions on how the area can be improved. You can email us at any time.

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