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Dalry Living Well Locally town centre

We want to make Dalry a more thriving place that is healthier, greener and safer for everyone.

Our aim is to make it easier to access local shops, schools and services. We are proposing to do this through features like wider pavements, safer provision for cycling and improved public transport.

Our ideas also include creating more pleasant spaces to spend time in the town centre, with trees, planting, public art and opportunities to rest.

What you have told us so far

In late 2022 we conducted a survey to help us understand local needs, opportunities, and any barriers that limit people making more active, greener travel choices.

The main things people told us they would like to see changed are

  • wider and better quality pavements, especially at busy bus stops and around local shops
  • more and safer pedestrian crossings, with shorter waiting times
  • safer and more attractive access to the schools, including some street art
  • more pleasant, greener streets and public spaces with more places to stop and rest, such as beside the Co-op and near Lidl. The link to Fountainbridge via the Telfer Subway could also be improved
  • safer cycle provision along Dalry Road and Gorgie Road, and secure cycle storage
  • the area should be less dominated by cars, with easy access retained for people with mobility issues and for deliveries to the shops and local businesses
  • maintenance could be improved with better road surfaces and more lighting. Several comments related to providing public toilets and bins.

Consultation on our proposals and what happens next 

We used the findings of the 2022 survey to create proposals to make Dalry greener, healthier and vibrant. Our 12-week consultation on these proposals opened on Thursday 4 April 2024 and closed on Wednesday 26 June 2024.  

We’ll use the feedback from this consultation to develop more detailed project designs. No decisions have been made yet. As the project moves forward, we’ll report to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee.  

The proposals that we consulted on include

  • improving public transport in the area by reducing bus travel times and creating more space at bus stops
  • resurfacing roads and making routes to local schools safer
  • supporting pedestrian safety with wider payments and additional or relocated pedestrian crossings
  • ideas for segregated cycle lanes connecting the town centre to local schools, Haymarket and the wider network, including the new Roseburn to Union Canal route
  • redesigning the junction between Gorgie and Dalry at Murieston Road to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • expanding and improving pedestrian spaces with more trees and seating
  • introducing more one-way streets in the area including Caledonian Road, Caledonian Place, Orwell Place and Orwell Terrace, and the streets around Murieston Park.

To make these changes possible and create a more welcoming environment, we need to reduce the volume of traffic travelling through the area. This will also help us to improve public transport journey times and service reliability. 

Our proposals include measures to reduce through-traffic only on Dalry Road. This would involve a filter for cycles, buses and taxis just south of the Haymarket junction, operating between 7am and 7pm.

All homes and businesses would still be accessible by car, but most traffic heading from or to the city centre would use alternative routes such as the West Approach Road instead of Dalry Road. 

This is one of the first projects that implements the Future Streets approach to provide both a more integrated transport network, and a greener, more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone in Edinburgh’s neighbourhoods and key travel corridors. 

The City of Edinburgh Council has been awarded Places for Everyone funding, backed by the Scottish Government and administered by Sustrans, to develop a concept design for an improved Dalry town centre. The programme provides support and expertise to help deliver walking, wheeling, and cycling improvements across the country.

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We are always interested in hearing your suggestions on how the area can be improved. You can email us at any time.

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We have been awarded Places for Everyone funding to develop a concept design for an improved Dalry town centre.

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