Tenancy information


If you want to carry out any improvements or alterations to your home or garden you must get your Housing Officer’s written permission first.  They will not unreasonably refuse permission.

What do I Need Permission For?

The list below is not exhaustive so speak to your Housing Officer if you are unsure if you need permission before you go ahead and make any changes. Some changes you will need permission for include

  • make alterations inside your home other than decoration
  • add new fixtures or fittings – satellite dishes, installation of new kitchen/bathroom, laminate flooring, light fittings and internal/external doors
  • erect a garage, shed, greenhouse, driveways, pigeon loft, fence, dog kennels, walls or other structure in your garden
  • run a business from your home
  • take in lodgers, sublet, assign your tenancy agreement, mutual exchange and add or change a joint tenant
  • keep more than one domestic pet or any other non-domestic pet/animal within your home or garden
  • park large vehicles in your garden or communal area including caravans, trailers or storing large moveable items such as boats