Tenancy information

When you become a City of Edinburgh Council tenant you will sign a tenancy agreement, this is a contract between you and the council. Most tenants will sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST)

The SST provides details of City of Edinburgh Councils (the landlords) rights and responsibilities and your (the tenant) rights and responsibilities.

Your rights include

  • a joint tenancy, as long as you get written permission from your Housing Officer
  • transfer (assign) or sublet your property with our permission
  • get certain urgent repairs done quickly and at no cost to you under the ‘right to repair’ scheme
  • carry out improvements to your home, with our  permission
  • exchange your property with another council tenant (mutual exchange), with written permission from your Housing Officer.

Your responsibilities include

  • paying your rent on time
  • using the property as your main home
  • telling us if you have a change in circumstances, or the people living in your home changes 
  • taking reasonable care not to damage your home or common areas and to keep common areas and any garden in a tidy condition
  • you, those living with you and your visitors must not cause a nuisance or act antisocially
  • you must give us access to carry out any repairs or required annual checks where we give you 24 hours notice.