Rent a Council garage

As we propose to undertake a comprehensive review and conditions survey of all citywide housing garage units in the coming months,  unfortunately we are no longer able to accept applications from prospective renters at this time.  Customers who continue to rent garages from the locality teams will of course benefit from any necessary remedial repairs to ensure the unit remains wind and watertight. Once surveys are concluded,  we will highlight further recommendations and next steps on this page.

We own over 1,000 garages across Edinburgh which are managed by our locality offices.

You can rent a garage if you live in Edinburgh and are over the age of 18. You can only rent one garage per person unless special circumstances are agreed by the Council.

We let our garages on a first come first served basis, but give priority in this order:

  1. Council tenants who have a valid Blue Badge
  2. Non-Council tenants who have a valid Blue Badge
  3. Council tenants
  4. Non-Council tenants

For Council tenants, we will only let garages to tenants with a clear rent account.

Tenancy conditions

If you rent a garage from us, you must not

  • annoy neighbours or cause a disturbance
  • sub-let to another person
  • block other people’s access to their garages
  • park caravans or commercial vehicles on garage sites
  • keep inflammable or toxic materials in your garage.


Rent is paid annually however arrangements can be made to pay in instalments.  

VAT is paid on garages for all non-Council tenants and additional garages if more than one garage is let by Council tenants.

Rent charges vary across the city. We’ll let you know the quarterly annual cost prior to you signing a tenancy agreement.

Garage maintenance

We are responsible for keeping the structure of your garage in good repair.

You are responsible for keeping the garage clean and tidy.

We are not responsible for the belongings you keep in the garage. You should take out personal insurance for them.