Help with online forms

Using the maps

Open issue map marker icon

Green markers show where someone has already reported an issue.


Asset marker for maps icon

On some of our forms you will see also see purple circles. These are assets relating to the form you are using. Such as a grit bin, a communal bin or a street light.

By selecting an asset you can then report an issue with it.




Using the symbols

screenshot of a receive updates web form button.

1. Click on a green known issue marker, you will see further information.

2. Click on the receive updates button, submit your email and we'll send you notifications as we progress with resolving the issue. 








Screenshot of a select a street light web form button.

Click on the purple circle it will give you more information. For example, the Light ID displayed on the street light column to help you know you've selected the correct asset.

Click to select the asset if you wish to report a problem with it.





Reporting issues without selecting assets

No purple circle at the correct location

Screenshot of a confirm location web form button.

There may be times where there isn't a purple circle on the map but you wish to report something at that location. Such as a communal bin that has been moved away from its correct location.

If this happens click on the map at that location and click confirm location to report the issue to us.






No assets displayed on the form

Some of our maps, such as litter, fly tipping, and report a road or pavement problem, do not display assets. On these maps, select the point on the map where you see the problem.

Screenshot of confirm location web form button.

You will see a message noting the nearest property, and you can click on confirm location to send the report to us.

This will send us the X Ycoordinates of the point and an image of the map with the location you've identified.

Although the address of the nearest property may not always be in the same street as the issue you are reporting, the map coordinates will give us the information we need to identify the location and deal with your report.




Location chosen is not recognised

Screen shot of a location not recognised error message

In some cases, you may see a message advising that the location you've selected could not be identified.

This can happen when the map search can't find a property nearby. In such cases, please use the report without the map option displayed on the form.



Reporting an issue in a park

The forms used to report dog fouling, litter and graffiti will recognise that you have chosen a location within a park and send your request to the correct team.

In some cases, you may find that a location in a park is linked to a property instead of the park itself. Sometimes moving the location point slightly can fix this but if not, your report will still sent to the correct team.

Why do some forms need sign-in?

Some of our forms need you to sign in to your account using the mygovscot myaccount portal.

Those are typically for requests and reports linked to a person or property and where we need to identify who you are to ensure we are providing the service to you, and not someone who is requesting the service in your name. For example, report a missed bin, request bulky waste collection, request an assisted collection.

You can find more information on our mygovscot myaccount help page.