Local nature sites and protected species

Protected places

There are different types of site based on how important a place is. Different bodies are responsible for each kind. The sites are

  • Special Protected Area, Scottish Government
  • Special Area of Conservation, Scottish Government
  • Ramsar site, Scottish Government
  • Site of Special Scientific Interest, Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Local Nature Reserve, The City of Edinburgh Council
  • Local Nature Conservation site, The City of Edinburgh Council.

Scottish Natural Heritage provide more information on protected places.

Local nature reserves and conservation sites

Local nature reserves are the best parks for nature. They are managed by us in a way which helps wildlife. You can get involved in looking after them through Friends groups. 

Local nature conservation sites are the best local sites for nature, and can be owned by anyone. They do not have to be managed to help wildlife or geology, although some are.

Scottish Natural Heritage provide more information on local nature conservation sites.

Both local nature reserves and local nature conservation sites are protected by the Local Development plan and planning guidance.  

Protected species

Some wildlife is protected by law. Wildlife can be affected by

  • managing land
  • looking after buildings
  • dealing with Planning applications.

We need to make sure we do these within the law. The Local Development Plan and Planning guidance have policies about protected wildlife. Full information on the laws to protect wildlife is available from Scottish Natural Heritage.