City development

Central to achieving the net-zero target is the City Plan 2030.

Preparation of City Plan 2030 is currently underway, and the Choices for City Plan consultation took place in Spring 2020. Choices put forward proposals to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions by:

Supporting the outcomes of the City Mobility Plan:

  • Establish a city-wide green network to connect our paces, parks and greenspaces
  • Require all new buildings and refurbishments to meet the platinum standards set out in Scottish building regulations
  • For all new developments to be designed in a way which tackles and adapts to climate change
  • Promote higher density, mixed use neighbourhoods to reduce the need to travel for work and every day services
  • Support Local Place Plans to achieve resilient places and support community ambitions.

The City Plan 2030 team is currently reviewing the consultation feedback and are preparing the proposed plan.

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