Project delivery

Work started on 7 February 2022 and is scheduled to be complete in March 2024.

The route has been designed and will be delivered in three sections:

  • Section 1 - Roseburn to Haymarket along the A8
  • Section 2 - Haymarket to Randolph Place along Palmerston Place, Manor Place and Melville Street
  • Section 3 - St Andrew Square to Picardy Place along St David Street

General arrangement drawings for sections 1,2 and 3

It will be delivered in advance of the public realm improvements on Charlotte Square and the George Street and First New Town project.

At St Andrew Square, we’ll use temporary materials until further changes are made as part of the following George Street and First New Town project  which will be associated with City Centre Transformation on Princes Street and Waverley Bridge.

Site investigations

Site investigations to allow assessment of conditions and utilities underground have been carried out. 

York Place, Segregated Cyclepath

York Place