Supporting businesses

Supporting businesses and residents through construction

The construction programme will be completed in three sections. You can find more information about locations and dates on our construction page.

Ahead of construction starting we will hold Business and Community Forum meetings and will continue to work with the whole community throughout construction, taking your views into account. Forums have already taken place for section one and two.

Business and Community Forum Section One - August 2022

Business and Community Forum Section Two - January 2023

Business and Community Forum Section Three - January 2023

Working with you to reduce disruption

Unfortunately, some disruption and noise is inevitable, but we will work with you to reduce impact as much as possible. We have plans to keep this to a minimum, and we are co-ordinating our work with other ongoing and scheduled works in your area.

Safety is our priority

During construction, traffic management measures will be installed and maintained to make sure the works can be carried out safely for everyone, including residents, businesses and our workforce.

Parking and loading

Some parking and loading bays will be suspended to allow for traffic management and safe access to the site. Temporary loading/unloading areas will be set up for deliveries. Exact dates and information about parking restrictions will be displayed on yellow signs before work begins.

Loading in Roseburn has been installed on Roseburn Gardens, Roseburn Street, Murrayfield Place and Wester Coates Terrace. Trollies will be available to help with deliveries.


We want to make sure that access to your business or property is maintained and will work with you throughout construction. 

Disabled access during works can be challenging, but if you would like to discuss specific requirements with Balfour Beatty they will be happy to assist. For example, if you know you have an appointment with someone who may need special assistance, we will do everything we can to support this.

If you have anything you'd like to raise about access to you business, please email us

Business support campaign Campaign poster

An open for business campaign is also underway to let people know about the arrangements during the construction period and encourage them to keep visiting. This includes

  • social media and online advertising
  • lamppost wraps and signs on key approaches
  • banners on works site barriers
  • advertising and editorial in community magazines and newspapers
  • pavement stencils
  • promotional videos
  • promoting business events and initiatives.

Covid-19 impact and recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the city. Businesses have been hard hit and footfall has significantly fallen.

While it remains difficult to predict the medium to longer term impacts of the pandemic, there is an opportunity to re-energise the city and support the city’s economic recovery. 

Among the issues highlighted by the pandemic are the need for well-designed public realm and active travel routes that people can safely use for exercise and recreation.

This route will deliver improved facilities for walking, wheeling and cycling, improving access to and across the city centre.

The project will also create a significant number of construction jobs, in turn creating opportunities for suppliers and for local businesses who will benefit from custom from people working on the project. As with all major Council construction contracts, there will be community benefits such as apprenticeships and training opportunities.