Latest news

  • Roseburn Terrace/Russell Road junction

    We will be carrying out remedial work to the roads and pavements around the Roseburn Terrace/ Russell Road junction to ensure long term quality and public safety.

    Published: 22nd April 2024

  • Walker Street North

    As part of the Melville Crescent works, we wanted to update all Walker Street North residents and businesses that the street will closed from 24 April for about nine months.

    Published: 16th April 2024

  • Melville Crescent Public Realm

    With the cycleway along Melville Street complete we are now continuing with the planned public realm work to the Melville Crescent diamond.

    Published: 2nd April 2024

    Melville Crescent visualisation
  • Haymarket Junction

    We wanted to update you on our work at Haymarket junction. The taxi call forward system has been successfully installed, and we have re-opened the Haymarket Station taxi rank.

    Published: 21st February 2024

  • Haymarket Station - new taxi rank

    As part of our City Centre West to East Link project, we are introducing a new taxi rank at the current drop-off area in front of Haymarket Station.

    Published: 2nd February 2024

    Taxi call forward system design
  • CCWEL Project Update - December 2023

    Welcome to the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) newsletter with information and updates on project activity and planned work.

    Published: 22nd December 2023

  • Magdala Crescent Closure

    We can now share a further update about the reconstruction of the road at the bottom of Magdala Crescent.

    Published: 21st December 2023