The project has a strategic role in the future of Edinburgh’s city centre as well as lots of local benefits. We developed our designs based on feedback from people who use the streets as well as datasets and international best practice.

The CCWEL was approved in December 2016 following an extensive public consultation process. Since then the scheme proposals have been developed to a detailed design. 

Download public consultation on the project proposal 2016

Download the reports from consultations with the community and key stakeholders to develop proposals or public realm improvements in Melville Crescent (PDF) and Randolph Place (PDF).

Download the Rejuvenating Roseburn Initial Engagement Report

Download the Rejuvenating Roseburn Consultation on Draft Designs Report

Traffic regulation order (TRO) and redetermination order (RSO) statutory consultation

Before the Council can make changes to

  • parking and loading restrictions
  • pavements
  • roads
  • cycle paths

we must provide an opportunity for people to comment.

Statutory consultations have been carried out for section 1, between Roseburn and Haymarket. These orders were subject to a public hearing which took place in November 2019. 

Download TRO and RSO designs section 1

Download TRO report, public hearing, section 1

Download RSO public hearing outcome from Scottish Ministers section 1

Statutory consultations have been carried out for section 2. Representations were reported to the Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 20 June 2019.  Approvals of the statutory orders (TRO and RSO) for section 2 were made in June 2021.  

Download TRO and RSO designs section 2

Statutory consultations for part of section 3 (section 3a – York Place and Queen Street between Elder Street and North St. David Street) have taken place. This part of the route only required an RSO as there were no changes to waiting and loading or permitted vehicle movements.

Download RSO designs section 3a.

Statutory consultation for the TRO and RSO for North St. David Street were advertised in Autumn 2020 and objections have been considered by Scottish Ministers.