Retail, trades and business permits

Apply for parking permits

If you run a business in Edinburgh you may be able to apply for a trades', retailers' or business parking permit. Download application forms and guidance below.

To apply for a permit, please send your application form with supporting documents to:

[email protected]

Read our parking privacy notices before you apply. 

Permit prices

Permit type Price
Retail - peripheral (zones 5-8) £460
Retail - extended (zones N1-N5 and S1-S4) £350
Business - extended (zones N1-N5 and S1-S4) £350
Trades - monthly £125
Trades - annual £1,300

Permit conditions 

Before applying read the parking permit conditions which can be downloaded below.

Applications should be made 10 days in advance of the date you need the permit.

You need to ensure that your vehicle is

  • insured for business use
  • essential for the daily operation of the business
  • not used for commuting.

You need to provide

  • your non-domestic rates bill
  • the vehicle registration document (V5C) or a hire or lease agreement
  • certificate of motor insurance.

Business permit forms

Download business parking permit application form (PDF, 271 KB)
Download qualifying businesses (PDF, 43 KB)
Download guidance notes for business parking permit (PDF, 109 KB)
Download terms and conditions for business parking permit (PDF, 251 KB)

Retailer permit forms - zones 5 to 8

Download peripheral permit application form (PDF, 457 KB)
Download peripheral permit guidance notes (PDF, 294 KB)
Download peripheral permit qualifying retailers (PDF, 46 KB)
Download peripheral permit additional vehicles form (PDF, 275 KB)
Download peripheral permit terms and conditions (PDF, 276 KB)

Retailer permit forms - zones S and N

Download extended permit application form (PDF, 315 KB)
Download extended permit guidance notes (PDF, 211 KB)
Download extended permit qualifying retailers (PDF, 46 KB)
Download extended permit terms and conditions (PDF, 311 KB)

Trades permits forms

Download trades permit application form (PDF, 181 KB)
Download list of qualifying trades (PDF, 43 KB)
Download trades permit guidance notes (PDF, 322 KB)
Download trades permit terms and conditions (PDF, 310 KB)
Download trades additional vehicle registration form (PDF, 175 KB)
Download trades change of details registration form (PDF, 154 KB)