A guide to helping your business during major construction work

Plans for construction in Edinburgh

We have big plans to transform and revitalise Edinburgh’s public spaces and thoroughfares, including

  • local neighbourhoods
  • key roads into and through the city
  • the city centre

We also need to keep our roads and pavements in good condition, which includes

  • filling potholes
  • repairing pavements
  • resurfacing whole stretches of road.

Improvements to local areas, whether that’s wider pavements, nicer areas to spend time in, or better walking, wheeling and cycling routes, will inevitably lead to some temporary disruption for residents and businesses, including

  • traffic diversions
  • temporary road closures
  • limited pavement access
  • noise and dust.

Ultimately, projects will deliver significant benefits to each area, creating a more welcoming environment to spend time in, that is easier to walk, wheel and cycle to, and get to by public transport.

This guide is a resource for businesses to help you plan for and work through construction projects.

You can read more about our plans to transform and revitalise Edinburgh and why we need to change the way people, goods and services move into and around Edinburgh.

Image of walking, wheeling and cycling with a city backdrop. Text: Future Edinburgh, Delivering our city mobility plan

Future Edinburgh

Our wider vision for the future of Edinburgh includes plans for the city centre, key travel corridors and neighbourhoods.

Find out more about our plans