Pre-application advice service

Major applications – pre-application customer agreements

We recognise that to process an application, a pre-application discussion can be beneficial to remove obstacles in relation to procedural and technical matters. All applications with an estimated build cost over £250,000 qualify for a customer agreement with Building Standards. A customer agreement includes a pre-application meeting, up to one hour long, to understand the submission of an application procedurally, for example, staged applications and the intended approach technically from a general overview. If you want to contact the service about a customer agreement, please email Building Standards major applications with the 

  • site address including postcode
  • full description of proposed works
  • proposed and existing floor plans, elevations and sections
  • details of the intended stages for a staged Building Warrant application.

Upon receipt of the above information, a Building Standards surveyor will contact you to arrange a pre-application meeting.

Pre-application general enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about an application which you intend to submit and require some general advice, please contact us.