Scottish Welfare Fund

Community care grant

The community care grant helps you to cope with special difficulties. We will normally make awards by giving goods such as

  • removal expenses
  • bedding and clothing
  • storage charges or connection charges
  • furniture such as a sofa, armchair or bed
  • household equipment such as a cooker or fridge.

Where this is not possible, we may make cash payments that are tax free and do not have to be paid back.


Apply if you are a

  • family under exceptional pressure
  • person following a period of care or homelessness
  • person living independently where there's a risk of care or homelessness
  • person meeting additional costs associated with looking after someone on temporary release from prison or a young offenders' institution.

We may not award a community care grant if you or your partner are

  • below pension age with savings over £700
  • above pension age with savings over £1,200.

Apply for a community care grant

We aim to make a decision on your Community Care Grant application within 15 working days. We will contact you if we need further information.