Council Tax reduction review

You can ask us to review our decision about your claim for a Council Tax reduction by completing the Council Tax Reduction Scheme review application form (PDF)

Make sure you tell us why you think our decision is wrong. You must do this within two months of our decision. We will reply in writing within two months.

Contact Council Tax and benefits if you need a form sent to you.

If you have not been notified of the outcome and more than 2 months have passed, contact us at the address on your acknowledgement and say that the local authority can no longer determine the matter under review and must refer it to the Local Taxation Chamber of the Scottish Tribunal Service (LTC)

How to dispute a review decision

If you're unhappy with our review decision, you can ask for a further review within 42 days of our response. The LTC for Scotland conduct this. This independent body can also review if we fail to do so within two months of your request.

Apply for a further review on the  LTC website.