Our Behaviours

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We’re proud to work together for the people of Edinburgh – making a positive difference to the city and the lives of our residents every single day. But this can only happen through the hard work and commitment of you, our colleagues, who are the most valuable part of our organisation.

Creating a great place to work together for the people of Edinburgh

We’re committed to making a workplace we all want to be part of:

  • one that’s open, positive, inclusive and safe
  • that supports and allows everyone to be their best self and do their best work
  • that celebrates the benefits of our diversity
  • where everyone feels trusted, valued and recognised for their contribution.

Our Behaviours of Respect, Integrity and Flexibility are the foundation to create a great place to work.

What are Our Behaviours?

Our Behaviours and organisational purpose have been developed with support from colleagues across our Council. They replace our current values, supporting everything we do to help make our organisation a great place to work.

Our behaviours of respect, flexibility and integrity

Our purpose

Working together for the people of Edinburgh

We all want to do the best for the people we work for and with. By keeping this purpose in mind, we can focus our tasks and bring our best to work each day.

Our Behaviours

Generally, the way we behave is in our control. How we choose to behave at work – positive or negative – affects our workplace, colleagues and service users. Our Behaviours provide clear and consistent expectations for everyone, helping us feel safe, trusted and valued.

  • Respect: We're inclusive, we promote equality, we treat people with fairness, understanding and kindness and we consider others in our decisions and actions.
  • Integrity: We're open and honest, we take responsibility, we build trust and we pull together to do what's right for our residents, colleagues and city.
  • Flexibility: We're open minded, we keep it simple, we adapt to provide great services and find better ways of doing things, and we embrace opportunities for shared working and learning.

Watch this short video about Our Behaviours

Our Behavioural Framework

We’ve developed Our Behavioural Framework with support from colleagues. It sets out what Our Behaviours look like when we’re demonstrating them day-to-day at work. Each behaviour has eight behavioural statements that apply to all colleagues and a further four behavioural statements that people leaders are also expected to show.

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