Universal Credit

Combined benefit for people of working age

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It’s administered by the Department for Work and Pensions, and replaces a number of benefits, including Housing Benefit, for most working age people.

Claim Universal Credit on GOV.UK

You can still claim Council Tax Reduction from us if you need help to pay your Council Tax.

Find out more about Universal Credit on GOV.UK or the Universal Credit website

Don't have a computer or access to the internet

We offer access to

  • internet
  • printers
  • computer

and many other digital services in libraries, community centres, locality offices and Jobcentres.

Use the interactive map below to find locations and details of all the digital access points in Edinburgh.

Full view of the digital access interactive map

The Edinburgh wide Advice Agencies leaflet provides details of money and debt advice in Edinburgh

Map key

Wifi availableWifi available

Computer accessComputer access

Printer symbolPrinter access

Walk in symbolWalk in

1 to 1 Buddying symbolOne to one advice and support

Computer group symbolComputer group session

Disables access symbolDisabled access

Evening opening

Membership symbolMembership required

Digital limited support symbolLimited digital support