Weed control


Street weeds

The Parks and Greenspace service apply herbicides to the city's streets to control weed growth however The City of Edinburgh Council are committed to reducing the amount of chemicals. This year additional sweeping machines will be used to remove debris and reduce potential weed growth.  

Non native species

Non native plant species are those that have been brought in to the country by humans.There are many non native species in Scotland. A small number of these cause damage to

  • the environment
  • the economy
  • our health
  • the way we live. 

These are called invasive non native species.

The Scottish Government website provides details of non native species.

Invasive weed control on Council owned land

The Council will tackle the following invasive non-native species on Council owned land

  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Japanese Knotweed.

Please note that some of our downloads might not be accessible. If you need help please contact us on 0131 608 1100 or email the park team

Download the Himalayan Balsam information sheet - PDF

Download the Giant Hogweed information sheet - PDF

Download the Japanese Knotweed information sheet - PDF

To report invasive non-native species on Council owned land call or email the park team. Or call

0131 608 1100