Refugee resettlement

Offer help to refugees settling in Edinburgh

In 2015, Edinburgh resettled a group of refugees under the UK Government's Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. Many people asked what they could do to help. Below you can find out about the project, who's involved and how you can support them.

Language and cultural integration

We are providing English classes and cultural integration work in partnership with The Welcoming Association and Saheliya. The Welcoming Association is looking for volunteers for a number of roles.


All refugees have been to the Edinburgh Clothing Store. You can help by sending ECS your donations of clothes or money.


Housing is provided through the Council's Private Sector Leasing Scheme run by Link Housing. They are looking for properties to join the Link housing scheme.

At the moment, refugees are arriving in family groups so we are not looking for individual rooms in people's homes. If that changes, we will update this page.


Homes supplied under the Private Sector Leasing Scheme come fully furnished so we don't need large items of furniture. We do need smaller household goods and starter packs and have worked with FreshStart to supply these. FreshStart is looking for volunteers as well as donations of everyday items or donations of money.


The Council has teamed up with Edinburgh Remakery to develop a scheme for donating refurbished lap-tops to refugees arriving in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Remakery is looking for donations of equipment and money to support the scheme.


We are not looking for food donations but Edinburgh hosts a number of food banks who would be grateful for your support.

Other refugee projects

A number of local third sector and charitable organisations have also been supporting refugees in Europe or in countries neighbouring Syria.  All of them are looking for either donations of money or useful items. They are

Mercy Corps

Edinburgh Direct Aid