Dog friendly libraries

Some of our libraries have one day a week when you can bring your well-behaved dog with you when you visit.

On Thursdays, you can bring your dog with you when you visit 

  • Blackhall Library
  • Central Library
  • Currie Library
  • Drumbrae Library
  • Newington Library
  • Portobello Library
  • South Queensferry Library
  • Stockbridge Library.

Granton Library's dog friendly day is Wednesday. 

Doggy etiquette

Please follow the doggy etiquette guidelines when bringing your dog to the library:

  • Try and take your dog for a walk and give them a chance to do the toilet before entering the library. It can help them burn some energy and settle them if they may be waiting for some time while you are browsing for books.
  • Clean up after your dog. Sometimes accidents do happen so please be respectful and always inform library staff.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead and if using an extending lead, please lock it at a short length. Don’t let your dog wander and get under staff and other customers’ feet.
  • Don’t let your dog wander up to other dogs. It’s respectful to ask the other dog owners if it’s ok for your dog to say hello as some dogs like their own personal space.
  • Never leave your dog unattended. If you need to use the bathroom but you are on your own, ask if a customer or member of staff would mind watching your dog for a couple of minutes.
  • If your dog is soaking wet it’s respectful to dry them off or take them home and visit another day.
  • All dogs let out a bark now and again but if your dog won’t stop barking it’s respectful to leave and return another time when they are more settled.
  • Don’t let your dog jump up on tables or chairs or on any soft furnishing.
  • Please be mindful that children are not always good around dogs and be careful when there are children in the library.
  • Please don’t take your dog into the children’s area when there are children’s activities taking place.
  • Not all dogs like being in places where it’s busy with lots of people and other dogs. As much we enjoy having the company of our dogs, please be aware that if they are not enjoying themselves, it may be best to return at a time when it’s quieter.
  • Libraries will offer a bowl of water to your dog but if you are going to be away from home for a long time it’s a good idea to take your own water bowl and food in case your dog gets hungry or thirsty.
  • Most of all relax and enjoy.