Duty of care

Every organisation has a duty of care legal responsibility for the waste they create. 

This means you must

  • store waste correctly so it does not create a nuisance or hazard
  • ensure waste is collected and disposed of by an authorised collector
  • complete a waste transfer note for this waste and keep it for two years
  • make sure your waste is recycled.

Resource Efficient Scotland and Scottish Environment Protection Agency provide advice about duty of care.

Scotland’s Deposit Return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers is due to begin in July 2022. This is a new law introduced by the Scottish Government to reduce litter and encourage recycling. If you are a shop, café or other business who sells drinks in bottles and cans to drink away from your site, you’ll need to prepare to act as a collection point and arrange for these to be recycled. The Scottish Government has appointed Circularity Scotland to operate the scheme for them. You need to register with them so they can tell you what you need to do as the scheme gets ready to start.