Reviewing your care home

How often care is reviewed

You can ask for a review of your care if the Council funds or partly funds your place in the care home. The review is a chance for you, your family and care staff to make sure that your needs are being met and your wishes respected.

Your care will be reviewed

  • 4 weeks after your move in, by your social worker
  • 6 months into your stay, by our review team
  • every year after that by our review team.

If you or your family have issues or concerns about your care, you can contact Social Care Direct to arrange a review at any time.  

You should contact social work advice and complaints if you have a concern about Council services.

We will write to you when your review is due. We will follow this up by telephoning or visiting you if necessary. Your care home will also review your care every 6 months. You and your family will be involved in this review.

Moving from a care home

If you want to move from a care home, you could

  • find another care home
  • move out of residential care into your own home or other supported arrangements.