Family meetings

Family group decision making

A family meeting brings together your extended family when there are child welfare concerns.

Our service is available to anyone living in the Edinburgh area. Please contact us by email to discuss how a family meeting could help you.   

A coordinator meets with all the people attending the meeting. You are given private time together to talk about concerns and come up with a plan to help children to remain at home or within the family. 

COVID-19 update  

Currently our coordintors can't meet you in person. They will however, speak with you and your family over the telephone, by e-mail or Skype. We are arranging family meetings online or via telephone conferencing. 

Learn about our approach 

Find out more about family group decision making process at Children1st

Watch videos on the family group decision making process at the Family Rights Group.

If you have immediate concerns for the welfare of a child contact Social Care Direct.

We have achieved the bronze LGBT Youth Scotland Charter Mark.

Family group decision making

Telephone: 0131 221 2210