Business continuity

How to prepare for disruptions and incidents

What would happen if your business had to run without your premises, suppliers, IT, phones or even your staff? Making a plan for business continuity will help you prepare for and respond to disruptions and incidents. The plan would help you define the key products and services you would still be able to deliver.

Make a plan

The first steps towards making a plan are

  1. bring together a project management team
  2. carry out a business impact analysis
  3. do a risk assessment.

The results of the business impact analysis and risk assessment will form the basis of your plan.

If you would like any advice, please contact us.

You can also read advice on business continuity planning provided by Business Gateway.

Our role

We plan to help prepare for every eventuality and reduce disruption when incidents occur. Our plan details how we respond to and recover from incidents affecting our essential activities. We are registered to the International Standard for business continuity (ISO22301). We are the first urban authority in the UK to gain this distinction.

Edinburgh Resilience Forum (ERF)

The ERF hold events aimed at enhancing community resilience and business continuity.

It aims to

  • offer support with planning and emergency preparedness
  • discuss resilience issues and threats to local organisations
  • enhance relationships between the Council and stakeholders
  • define organisational roles and responsibilities during times of disruption.

It is free to join the Forum and existing members represent a cross-section of Edinburgh’s community. If you are would like to be a member, please contact us or join our group on LinkedIn.

Business Continuity

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