Supporting our suppliers

Public sector procurement is governed by international and national legislation. These rules govern how we can buy goods and services.

If you are new to tendering or need help with bidding it's important you seek advice. Various organisations offer help and advice to suppliers who wish to tender for Council contracts. Below is a list.

Supplier newsletter

Read our supplier newsletters.

Procurement Journey

The Procurement Journey supports all levels of procurement activities and helps manage the expectations of stakeholders, customers and suppliers. It facilitates best practice and consistency across the Scottish Public Sector. The Procurement Journey provides guidance and documentation which is updated with any changes in legislation and policy on a continual basis.

Supplier Journey

The Supplier Journey contains guidance for suppliers on how to bid for public sector goods, services and health and social care contracts.

Supplier Development Programme

Supplier Development Programme (SDP) is a partnership organisation set up to support suppliers improve their tendering submissions. Go to their website to see a diary of training provided.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway Edinburgh offers expert support and guidance to new and existing businesses.


Edinburgh4Community is a tool to help you identify external sources of funding for your projects. It has helped a wide range of UK organisations, such as local community groups and not for profit organisations secure millions of pounds worth of funding. The tool is updated daily and lists over 8,000 opportunities to apply for funds.

Who can apply

From community engagement to infrastructure development, Edinburgh4Community proposes funding options across all delivery areas. The restrictions regarding who can apply are specific to each Funding Provider. We advise you to evaluate each funding call indvidually to see if it is suitable for you.

Contract terms and conditions

We purchase many of our goods and services under standard terms and conditions of contract. You can download a copy of these below, so you may consider some of the clauses in which you may be required to sign up to when becoming a Council contracted supplier.

Download contract terms and conditions (PDFs)

Contract Standing Orders

Contract standing orders (CSOs) are our rules that govern how we buy and manage contracts. The CSOs incorporate the seven key strategic procurement objectives that we have agreed to promote, which are

  1. Making procurement spend more accessible to local small business and the third sector.
  2. Improving Fair Work practices adopted by suppliers.
  3. Increasing community benefits delivered by suppliers.
  4. Contributing to the Council’s 2030 carbon-neutral city target.
  5. Delivering savings and Best Value outcomes.
  6. Ensuring legal compliance and robust and transparent governance.
  7. Promoting innovative and best practice solutions.

Our procurement processes are designed to support innovation and encourage the involvement of small and medium enterprises (SME). The organisations listed above also provide support for SMEs through the tender process.

Download the CSOs

Download the Sustainable Procurement Strategy to find full details of the objectives and the actions to achieve.