How to make sure you are paid on time

All supplier and contractor invoices for goods or services should be emailed to There will be an automatic response to confirm that the invoice has been received.

It’s very important that you quote the purchase order number on your invoice(s), which must:

  • Have the Purchase Order (PO) number printed on it.  The PO number must not be handwritten onto the invoice or included within the covering email. Our system will reject invoices that don’t include the PO number.
  • Be emailed in PDF format with one invoice per file.  Please do not batch multiple invoices together in one PDF file.
  • Show only one PO number on each invoice, but you can send multiple invoices against a PO.
  • Be emailed direct to  Our system will automatically scan the invoice and match it to the PO.

Electronic invoicing

If you want to receive orders and submit invoices in an electronic format email

Find out more about electronic purchase orders and invoicing.

Overdue invoices

If you have a query about an invoice that is overdue, please email the Banking and Payment Services Helpdesk at

Payment terms

Payment terms are to pay Supplier/Contractor Invoice(s) within 30 days of receipt by Banking and Payment Services.

Payment schedules

We prefer to pay by Bank Automated Clearing Services (BACS).

BACS payments take place Daily. It normally takes three working days following a payment run for transferred money to reach a supplier/contractor bank account.

Construction companies

Contractors and subcontractors within the construction industry who supply services to the Council must be registered with HM Revenue and Custom's Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) before they can be paid by the Council.

Find out how to register with the CIS on the UK Government website.

Vendor form

All suppliers will be required to complete a vendor form which will be provided to a supplier once they have won a contract. 

As part of this process emplyoment intermediaries and the self-employed are required to register with HMRC and provide their Unique Tax Reference prior to the works or services starting.

To ensure all supplier information is correct a supplier may be requested to complete a new vendor form more than once.