Conducting research within the Council

We check research requests to ensure

  • we avoid excessive demands on staff time
  • the research design and methods are robust and appropriate
  • we safeguard service user, carer and staff interests and confidentiality.

School-related requests


Planning and Building Standards requests


All other requests

Download research access documents 

Email the research access form to with a

  • consent form and information sheet for potential participants
  • list of data items where access to personal data is required
  • questionnaire or an interview schedule to be used in the study.

The University of Edinburgh Masters of Social Work students should contact their supervisor.

We will review your request and get in touch with you.

This process does not apply for internal Council service evaluation projects. 

Participant involvement

We need to safeguard service users that participate in research.

You must have a supervisor present when speaking to children or vulnerable adults. The supervisor could be a member of staff or a parent, carer or relative of the service user. The supervisor is agreed as part of the research access proposal. We also need a basic disclosure.

Where you cannot have a supervisor present, you must show proof that you are a member of the PVG scheme for the particular group you wish to interview.

We consider your request based on your research access form and disclosure certificate. To access service user records we need an up to date basic disclosure.

You need approval from both the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian to speak to people receiving an integrated service.