Statutory Notice Repair enquiry

Council’s property enquiry register

Property addresses on the property enquiry register are subject to Statutory Notices (City of Edinburgh District Council Order Confirmation Act 1991).

Download current property addresses on the Council’s property enquiry register

An address on this register may not mean that there is an outstanding debt.

How to make a Statutory Notice enquiry

There is a charge of £63 for this service. 

Please note that this charge may change as part of the Council’s annual Budget Review. Information on the Council’s Fees and Charges can be found on our website.

Review the property enquiry register before submitting a request. This charge is non-refundable. For further information view our refund policy.

If you are acting on behalf of the property owner and need information on an address listed as part the conveyancing process, you can request this by completing the online statutory repair notice enquiry form.

Conveyancers acting on behalf of a purchaser may need to request this information from the seller’s solicitor.

Make a Statutory Repair Notice enquiry

Please note, due to resource shortages there may be delays in responding to Statutory Repair Notice enquiries. Customers should allow up to 20 working days to receive a response.