Unsafe buildings and emergency repairs

Who to contact in an emergency

If you live in a flat or a tenement, and you own your property, you and the other owners are jointly responsible for shared repairs and maintenance. 

As a property owner you are legally responsible for any accidents caused by defects in your building.

You may have a property factor looking after your building. If you do, call your property factor first to report building defects or to arrange work. Visit the Scottish Property Factors Register to check if you have a property factor for your building.

If you are a private tenant always contact your landlord or agent first to report any repairs to your building.

Out of Hours Drainage Issues

Please note that as of the 1st February 2023, Edinburgh Shared Repairs Service will no longer be able to attend to Drainage issues during evenings and weekends. Owners should instruct a contractor themselves during these times or contact ESRS during office hours.

If you want to report an unsafe building or structure contact us at once on either

0131 529 6778  Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm, Friday 8.30am-3.40pm

0131 200 2000 outside these hours.

Please note we will make safe buildings that are in a dangerous condition and pose a threat to public safety. This means we will not repair the defect but will ensure the building is made safe.

Water leaks 

If water is leaking into your property from the property above, contact your neighbour first. If they are not in, leave them a note. If you know the property is a private let, you can trace the owner or agent by looking on the National Landlord Register.

If the flat above has an individual water stopcock and your neighbour is not in, you could turn this off. If you can't contain the water leak until your neighbour returns, we may be able to force entry to the flat above to stop the leak. Contact us for help on either 

0131 608 1100 Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 3.40pm

0131 200 2000 outside these hours.

Be prepared before emergencies happen. You can download our guide water emergencies plumbing in your home below.

Gas leaks 

If you smell gas contact National Gas Emergency Service at once

0800 111 999.

Download Emergency repairs guides (PDFs)