Waste water and effluent analysis

Domestic and industrial waste water testing

We test domestic and industrial waste water, effluents and tip leachates for a range of parameters for process control, disposal and to assess compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements.

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We are able to provide the following tests routinely

  • BOD and COD
  • detergents
  • toxic metals including lead, cadmium and mercury
  • pH
  • suspended oils
  • cyanide
  • solvents and Volatile hydrocarbons
  • red list compounds
  • mineral oils
  • flash point
  • ammonia and oxides of nitrogen.
  • chemical and microbiological tests for water source identifcation.

The composition of sludges and solid waste can also be determined.

Edinburgh Scientific Services is accredited by UKAS .

We hold UKAS accreditation (Laboratory No 1005) for water and effluent testing.

Our current scope of accredited activities is specified on the  UKAS website.

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