Food analysis

Food testing and advice

We provide a comprehensive testing service for food manufacturers and exporters.

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We can carry out compositional analysis on a variety of foods, including

  • determining nutritional value
  • determining alcoholic strength of drinks
  • sugars content
  • characterisation of oils and fats, meat and fish contents.

We also undertake tests to confirm the authenticity of meat and fish species to ensure that foods comply with legal compositional standards.


We can provide advice and interpretation of labelling legislation applicable to foods.

Additives and contaminants

We provide a public analyst service as defined in the Food Safety Act 1990 on the UK Government Legislation website. We are an official food control laboratory, as notified by the Food Standards Agency to the European Commission.

We can

  • test food for the presence of additives including, preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners and colours
  • test food for the presence of contaminants including, heavy metals , mycotoxins and polyaromatic hydrocarbons
  • advise, interpret and check whether the presence of these additives or contaminants in a food meet legal  food safety standards.

Allergen testing

We can test foods, their ingredients and raw materials for the presence of allergens.

We can also provide advice on labelling legislation for food allergens.


Our work meets the technical requirements of ISO 17025 and we hold UKAS accreditation for our food testing service (Laboratory No 1005). 

Our current scope of accredited activities is specified on the UKAS website

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