Agricultural and horticultural testing

Agricultural and horticultural analysis

We can analyse a variety of agricultural and horticultural products including

  • fertilisers
  • garden chemicals
  • pesticides
  • animal feeding stuffs
  • pet foods
  • soils.

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Labelling on products

We analyse products to ensure that their composition agrees with the statements made on the packaging. We also check the instructions for use and safety warnings to ensure that the information meets legal requirements.

Animal feeding stuffs

We check

  • the presence of additives and harmful substances in animal feed stuffs
  • animal feed stuffs and pet food products for bacteriological quality.

We provide an agricultural analyst service as defined in the Agriculture Act 1970 on the National Archives website. We are an official feed control laboratory, as notified by the Food Standards Agency to the European Commission.


We analyse soils for nutrient levels, trace elements and pH. We can assess the presence of toxic contaminants in the soil.