Streetlight alarm activations

Our streetlights are operated by a streetlighting management system which, along with many other devices, operates on the free to air frequency.

These open free-to-use bandwidths are used by many systems, such as automatic electric garage doors, baby monitors, wireless thermostats for central heating, low battery warnings/alerts on some wireless products, LoRa devices (for example the LoRa network operated by some Universities), some smart meters and other wireless devices. The issue with your alarm could be caused by a device using these frequencies near your property.

Our streetlighting system uses the free-to-air frequency but it does not operate on the frequency that has been set aside for property alarms, and adheres to the protocols for use set out by the regulator, Ofcom. The system does not transmit on the frequency range that is dedicated to alarms, which is 868.6 - 868.7 MHz. The system control nodes, which is the unit attached to the top of the streetlight, are typically configured to use transmit channels for uplink with a frequency range of 868.2025 - 868.2775 MHz.

Contacting us

If you think the issue with your alarm is being caused by our streetlights, you can contact us using our online form and our streetlighting management system provider can investigate the issue.

Report streetlight alarm activations

To allow our provider to investigate the alarm activations, please provide details of the make and model of your alarm system, the dates and times of the activations and the address of your property in the relevant sections in the form. By submitting this information, you are accepting that it will be passed to our streetlighting management system provider.

Our provider should take no more than seven working days to complete their investigation and make any relevant adjustments to the system. Please let us know if the issue continues after this time has passed. Please quote the reference number on any future reports.